Arrow Dripper (2L/H)

Arrow Dripper (2L/H)


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Arrow Dripper (2L/H) Product Details:

Arrow drippers are used to automate feeding of plants in pots or to supplement feeding in various hydroponic systems. To use arrow drippers you will need to create a dripper system using a water pump, supply tube, dripper line and either dripper inserts or a dripper manifold. Arrow drippers do not require enormous pressure as they do not release much water so even a modest water pump can run many drippers the flip-side of this is that they will need to be on for many minutes at a time to release enough water.

Arrow drippers because of their small output have a tendancy to block over time. Try to check your drippers are working properly on a regular basis. You might also consider using an Inline Filter to minimize blockages.

Arrow drippers fit into 4mm dripper line.

2 litres per hour