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  • Dutchmaster Liquid Light
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Dutchmaster Liquid Light

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Quick Overview

Liquid Light is a revolutionary carbohydrate and amino acid based foliar spray that boosts your plants ability to absorb light, enabling large bumper harvests.
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1L Dutchmaster Liquid Light1L Dutchmaster Liquid Light

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Dutchmaster Liquid Light Product Details:

Dutchmaster Liquid Light is a revolutionary carbohydrate and amino acid based foliar spray that boosts your plants ability to absorb light enabling large bumper harvests. It’s a well known fact that plants don’t process light anywhere near as well as they should, with liquid light they can and finally achieve their genetic potential.

Dutchmaster Liquid Light is designed to greatly increase the amount of light your plants can use, Dutchmaster Liquid-Light turns your plants into light processing power houses - using over 30% more of the light you provide, plants grow & develop faster & yield more.

How to use Dutchmaster Liquid Light:

Dutchmaster Liquid Light is suitable for use in all techniques and growing mediums. Begin using Liquid light once plants have become established in vegetative growth. Do not use liquid light on small immature plants, cuttings or seedlings. Continue using liquid light until week four of your flowering cycle.

Add 60ml of Dutchmaster liquid light and 60ml of Dutchmaster saturator to 1 litre of water, put it in a suitable spray bottle and shake well. Spray the liquid light spray solution to your plants with the lights on (and remaining on for 4 hours) until all leaves are coated and a little run off occurs. Repeat spraying of Liquid light every 4 days.

When spraying liquid light make sure your lights are at least 18 to 24 inches above your plants. Unused liquid light spray can be stored for up to a week in a cool dark place but ideally mix up a fresh batch prior to each application.

The first time you use liquid light expect it to shock your plants, after the first application plants will look a bit stressed and a lot of the leaves will droop and maybe even fall off. Don't panic this is expected, your plants will come back stronger and when you next apply liquid light your plants will respond very positively and look extra healthy.

Additional Information

Size1 Litre, 5 Litre
Suitable ForCOCO, Hydroponics, Soil
Dose60ml : 1L of Spray
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