Standard and Digital Ballasts

A ballast is essential to safely run HID lighting. The basic function of the ballast is to regulate the power that your lamp can draw which is why you need to match the wattage of your grow lamp to the wattage of the ballast. Ballasts are available in two types: Standard ballasts which have been around for decades and feature copper wire coils to regulate the wattage or Digital Ballasts which use circuit boards to regulate the wattage and are more electrically efficient.

For more information on Standard and Digital Ballasts check out our Ballasts Explained help-file.

The 600 Watt Digilight Pro Select Digital Ballast gives you 6 power modes for the flexibility to power a range of HID lamps with just one ballast.


Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballasts
Prices from £99.95

Advanced range of digital ballasts that feature low energy consumption, dimmable light output settings so you can change your light intensity for different stages of plant development and super lumens settings so you can turbo charge your lights.


DigiLight Digital Ballasts
Prices from £36.99

DigiLight Digital Ballast are sophisticated electronic units featuring soft start technology which gently starts your HID lamps with a low current, significantly increasing lamp life.


Compact Standard Ballasts
Prices from £53.99

Compact ballasts feature incredible reliability and are the most popular standard units we sell. available in 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w versions.


Maxibright iPac Standard Ballasts
Prices from £54.99

The Maxibright Ipac ballast benefits from outstanding build quality and superior components to produce one of the finest non digital ballasts available.


Fully dimmable digital ballast that is specially designed to power professional 400V horticultural lamps. (NB. works only with 400V Philips Greenpower sodium lamps.)