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What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a scientific method of growing plants. This method of cultivation differs from traditional plant growing due to its lack of soil. Instead hydroponics focuses on providing plants with direct access to nutrients and oxygen, the two key elements needed for growth.

Predominantly used to grow plants such as tomatoes and peppers, hydroponics provides growers with far more control over their plants. The ability to deliver nutrients at specific times and intervals gives the grower the freedom to tailor a plants growth, or even replicate that of its natural environment. A controlled growing environment and the lack of soil means that plants are less vulnerable to fungus, disease and bug infestation.

Hydroponics accompanied by improving lighting technologies such as LED have allowed growers to create the perfect environment for their plants. Without the need for natural sunlight, and the ability to change the light spectrum to cater to different plants preferences, plants can now be grown wherever and whenever it suits. After the initial purchase of an LED light, the long term running costs are also far cheaper than standard lighting.

The Benefits of Hydroponics

Advancements in hydroponics have allowed both domestic and commercial growers to cultivate plants anytime of the year regardless of weather conditions and external environment. Perhaps most importantly for commercial and large scale growers, hydroponics significantly increases plant yields and reduces the time they take to grow.

Direct access to nutrients and oxygen means that energy that would otherwise be dedicated to extending a plants roots in search for water and nutrients in soil, can be focused on growth and producing bigger yields.

Although the principles of hydroponics have been around since 1627 when English philosopher Francis Bacon published work on growing plants without soil, recent developments have made hydroponics far more beneficial.

With a wide variety of hydroponics systems to choose from including NFT (nutrient film technique), flood and drain, DWC (deep water culture) it has never been easier to grow without soil.

Hydroponics Set Up

Depending on the hydroponics system that you choose to use, the basic set up consists of the hydroponics system, lighting, your preferred nutrients, a grow tent (if you would like to keep your plants contained), and a carbon filter. For information on how a NFT system works and how to set one up, read our blog posts here.

It is important to ensure that you choose a grow tent that has enough room to allow your plant to grow and is not too close to the light source. Here at HydroHobby, we have a range of starter kits suitable for beginners. These kits provide everything you need to start your first grow, removing any guess work and providing your plant with the perfect environment. Our grow tent kits are specifically put together to ensure your first hydroponics experience is a good one. Our kits include valuable time and money saving equipment including timers, pH testers, quality nutrients and much more.

What can be grown using Hydroponics?

A wide variety of plants can be grown using hydroponics. The large yields that the hydroponics growing method provides makes it more favorable for both commercial and hobbyist growers. For a plant to grow well within a hydroponics set up, a grower must consider the eventual size of the plant and its yields. If you are using a grow tent, this will restrict the size of plants you can grow. The type of plant that you can grow will typically depend on the set up and configuration of your hydroponics system. Other factors such as temperature and support systems for stems and vines are also key elements.

Plants that typically thrive using hydroponics include strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, basil, coriander and spinach. Many of these plants can be trained to grow upwards and require very little ground space. With good growing conditions many of these plants can be continually harvest throughout the year. Plants such as lettuce and spinach can be harvested as they grow meaning they never take up too much space.

Although possible, we do not recommend using hydroponics to grow larger fruits. Water melons and pumpkins will take up a lot of space and re-potting these plants in the future may cause them damage and is very impractical.

How do you start Hydroponic Plants?

Many growers prefer to use rock wool to germinate their seeds when using hydroponics. The rock wool cubes should be soaked in water and then drained of any excess. The seeds should then be placed in the rock wool. These cubes should be then placed in a nursery where they will take 3 to 5 days to sprout. Depending on the type of plant you have chosen to grow the roots should start to show at the bottom of the cube after around 3 to 4 weeks. Remember to water the cubes throughout this period. Once the roots are showing, the cube should be transferred to your hydroponics system.

From this point your plant will start to benefit from the advantages that hydroponics growing brings. Remember to monitor environment aspects such as temperature, humidity and pH levels to see the best results.

HydroHobby Grow Shop

Established in in 2002, HydroHobby have grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted hydroponics retailers. We provide a wide range of hydroponics systems and equipment ideal for both experienced growers and those new to hydroponics. 

Our specialist staff have a wealth of knowledge regarding all things hydroponics. Available to visit at our specialist store, or ready to take your call, we provide expert advice and guidance from a business you can trust. We are open 7 days a week and always available to answer any questions you may have.

Our online grow shop stocks a wide variety of specialist hydroponics equipment and nutrients available for next day delivery across the UK. Here at HydroHobby we pride ourselves on providing the very best indoor growing equipment available. We stock a wide variety of brands including Alien, Canna, Gavita, IWS and Nutriculture. As well as hydroponics, we also provide an extensive range of grow tents, grow lights, pest controls and nutrients.

As one of the UK’s longest running and most reputable grow shops we can guarantee you will receive the highest quality goods and customer service.

Our team are here to help if you have questions regarding growing, nutrients, lights, hydroponics systems and a whole range of other grow topics. Whether your setting up your first grow kits or are a seasoned pro, we are here to help.

Customer Support

Here at HydroHobby we like to share our expert knowledge with our customers and growing enthusiasts. We regularly update our blog with useful information on a wide range of growing subjects. We can offer advice and guidance for those who are new to hydroponics and growing.

There are wide range of factors that can effect how well your plants grow. It is important to get the correct equipment and receive the right support. Our store is open 7 days a week with staff always there to take your calls. Our super fast delivery service also means that whatever your plant needs, we can get it to you in no time.



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