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Hydrohobby Hydroponics

Hydrohobby Hydroponics has been trading in hydroponics since 2002 serving customers in the UK – via our online website and our store, which has a large secluded car park and loading bay. Providing an extensive range of hydroponic products, professional advice and guidance – open seven days a week.

What is hydroponics?

Growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution with or without soil is hydroponics. Soil is replaced with an inert media to support the root system such as coco coir or clay pebbles. Your plants will grow quicker in hydroponics systems as the nutrients solution is absorbed quicker via the plant roots system. Consuming up to 20 times less water and nutrients, than soil based gardening indoor hydroponic gardening, will put you in total control of all vital plant growing factors: light, heat, nutrients, temperature and humidity. This means you can optimise your indoor garden pushing your crops to their full potential improving both quality and yields.

What are the 6 main types of hydroponics?

The type of hydroponic system you choose is mainly down to growing space, personal preference, budget and of course experience. The below 6 types of hydroponic growing systems - will bring you success when setup and ran correctly. With many other variations of hydroponic systems available - all will use a combination or variation of the six hydroponic systems: 

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) , Flood & Drain (aka Ebb & Flow) , Wick

Drip Irrigation , Deep Water Culture (DWC) , Aeroponics

If you’re looking for more information regarding hydroponics - why not pop in to our store, call us or drop us an email – our friendly and discreet staff are ready to assist you with anything hydroponic. With the latest grow lights ready for demonstration, we are competitively priced stocking all hydroponics equipment, supplies and tools.

Hydroponics Help & Support

Sharing knowledge is a vital part of our business ethos - we are not here to sell you what you don't need - but are dedicated to providing you first class customer service sharing our experience in indoor and hydroponic growing. For more information visit our Hydroblog where we cover many hydroponic indoor gardening subjects sharing knowledge and techniques, weekly updated covering popular subjects including:


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