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Hydroponics is the future for growing

Hydroponics is the future for growing crops on a large commercial scale or for anyone at home wanting to try something different from traditional soil based growing. A subset of hydroculture - hydroponic growing is the art and science of growing plants, flowers or vegetables without soil. Instead a hydroponic substrate is used, this is fed a supply of mineral nutrients which are dissolved in the water which plant roots are exposed to.

Hydroponic Substrates

Selecting the media will depend on the type of hydroponic techniques you decide to grow with, our popular hydroponic substrates includes:

Coco coir or coir peat - is made from the outer shell of a coconut, colonised with trichoderma fungi, which stimulates root growth, protects roots and has a high cation exchange. Coco coir will store mineral nutrients releasing them as and when required by the plant.

Rockwool - is a substrate used in both recirculating and run to waste systems. Constructed from either basalt or molten rock - which is then spun into single filament fibres. Once these are bonded together the rockwool provides a excellent capillary action which is protected from common microbiological degradation - making them perfect for plants root systems.

Clay Pebbles - clay is formed into round pellets (pebbles) which are then fired in rotary kilns - causing the clay to expand and become very porous. Ecologically sustainable the re-usable growing media it will not compact over time and is easy to clean.

Growstones - constructed from glass waste growstones provide more water and air retention than medium such as peat and perlite mixes.

Hydroponic Techniques

These are popular hydroponic techniques that will bring you success regardless of your growing experience..

NFT Systems (natural film technique) - plants are started off in rockwool cubes and when larger enough transplanted into the NFT table. Using a spreader mat inside the NFT tray so that nutrient water is evenly dispersed whilst also providing a base for the root system to grow into. All NFT System come complete with reservoir tanks, nft tray tops, corriboard top plates, spreader and pumps.

DWC (deep water culture) - a simple method of hydroponics using the combination of a net pot which will hold plant roots surrounded by clay pebbles. The net is suspended over a bucket with contains the mineral nutrient solutions - with is been oxygen saturated constantly by an air pump with stone.

Run to Waste - plants are in a growing media such as rockwool, coco or perlite which is flooded periodically with nutrient solution. Using a nutrient pump with tubing a timer will be set at different to provide enough nutrients to plants according to their maturity and size. Once the pumps turns off any remaining nutrient solution is run away as waste and not re-used.

Ebb and Flow - plants sit in a tray of clay pebbles, and at set intervals plants receive a supply of nutrients via a pump and timer - which supplies the roots with fresh nutrient solution and air, until the pump turns off and the solution is drained back into the reservoir.

Hydroponics UK growing is for anyone

No matter who you are or your experience in growing - hydroponics is a fun and a simply way to grow plants quickly. We provide many other hydroponic systems and hydroponic diy components - enabling you to build your own system to meet your needs and requirements.

Visit our Hydroblog for useful information on a wide range of growing subjects. 




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