50L Plagron Bat Mix

Plagron Bat Mix is composed of the finest types of peat and also includes bat guano, a powerful natural flowering stimulator. Comes nutrified for up to 6 weeks use with no additional liquid plant feed.
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50L Plagron Bat Mix Product Details:

Plagron Bat Mix is composed of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. Bat Mix contains fibres, perlite and worm humus to create the optimal drainage, aeration and rootzone properties. Plagron Bat Mix also incorporates Bat Guano which delivers additional levels of phosphorus and potassium for exhuberent flowering and improvements in aroma and taste.

Plagron Bat Mix comes loaded with nutrition so should not require any additional nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks of use. After this time you will need to begin supplementing your soil with liquid plant food such as Plagron Alga.

Composition : peat, black peat, fibrous peat, perlite, worm humus, bat guano

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Size 50 Litre
Nutrition EC = 2 - 2.5
Medium Type Soil
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