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Just in at Hydrohobby the SANLight LED Lighting Systems we take a look at the full spectrum LED from West Austria....Read More

The Twister T4 Trimming Machine is ready to provide you maximum output trimming your product saving you days and weeks of hand trimming....Read More

If time is precious then when it comes to harvesting your crops - its may be very time consuming meet the Twister T6 Trimming Machine .....Read More
What ever you grow hydroponically in your garden - the Magical Butter Machine will bring you so many new ways of enjoying your botanical's.....Read More
20 Dec 2017 16:25:00 By Adrian Grossett Magical Butter Machine, butter machine, , 0 Comments Hydroponics, Environmental, Tools,

With 10 days until Christmas Day we have put together a Hydroponic Christmas Wish List.....there's still time to drop hints ;)...Read More
15 Dec 2017 16:12:00 By Adrian Grossett Comments Hydroponics, Plant Propagation, Plant Nutrition,
Today we take a look at Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic Systems which have been around since the mid 1960 - and still are top choice in 2017!...Read More
Today we take a look at our top three Flood and Drain Systems - bringing growers excellent yields every harvest - with minimum effort!...Read More
Fresh in at Hydro Hobby is the 600w Sunmaster 10k Finishing Lamp offering an excellent spectral output 10% higher than standard HPS lamps...Read More
We take a look at the benefits of Run to Waste Hydroponic Systems one the best hydroponic systems on the market today.....Read More
We previously looked at the importance of ensuring your grow room doesn't get too cold this winter, using a fan controller will provide you precise environmental control.....Read More
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Items 1 to 10 of 58 total