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Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fan

For super silent fan extraction in your grow room the Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fan ticks all boxes – with it's new designed acoustic housing bringing an end to the problem of noisy grow environments, whilst making it the most efficient fan on the market!

Super silent extraction

Revolution Silenced Vector EC fans are at the top of their game made in Germany -  the single piece 3 metre moulded sealed fan housing contains - high quality white sound absorbing foam – which cleverly absorbs only noise and not air flow meaning - fan air flow is never compromised. The white sound absorbing foam is certified for use in acoustic applications – therefore will not absorb any moisture or dust. Constructing the EC vector fan sealed housing from high grade galvanised steel ensures the product is super durable – with no chance of air leaks or moisture to damage the hardware.

Available in three ducting diameters which will determine the Revolution Silenced Vector EC fans - dB level, airflow and power consumption:

Ducting diameter : 150mm - Airflow: 781m³/h - dB level: 47dB @ 3m - Power consumption: 77W 

Ducting diameter : 200mm - Airflow: 1332m³/h - dB level: 50dB @ 3m - Power consumption: 117W  

Ducting diameter : 250mm - Airflow: 2077m³/h -dB level: 50dB @ 3m - Power consumption: 165W

High quality efficient EC Motors

Using high quality efficient EC Motors means that the Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans produce better airflow – whilst using less power. The fans are compact, lightweight, with aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide vanes with integrated external rotor motors to deliver optimal performance levels. Giving of zero humming or vibration even on lower speeds the fan is also protected by an integrated motor protection system - which stops fans overheating. 

The Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fan are  will bring you the below features and benefits:

  • Super Energy savings: Lower power consumption & more efficiency than AC equivalent
  • More Control: Can be set-up for constant airflow or constant pressure applications, 100% speed controllable
  • Lower motor running temperature: Giving you a longer lifetime than AC equivalent
  • Save you money: Low power consumption and higher quantities of air movement
  • Simplicity: Electronic & power transformation are completely integrated within the motor

Revolution Silenced EC Vector Fans

Remember this is the pinnacle of extraction fan technology - Silenced Revolution Vector Fans can be altered from 0-100% with the G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller.

Complete with a 5 year guarantee the Silenced Revolution EC Vector fan is fully serviceable and maintenance free – making it a winner in our book a top quality German made product doing everything it says on the tin!

For more information on EC Fan technology click here

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