400v - what does it mean?

400V is ‘3 phase electricity’ - in our homes with have 240V ‘single phase electricity’ which suffices for TV and general lighting in a home environment. Traditional used in large premises and industry 400v technology incorporated in grow lighting systems gives extra power – giving growers superb benefits.

When it comes to lighting ballast – you need the most efficient that will deliver the most PAR. 400v technology leads the way by producing more plant usable light (micromoles) giving plant faster growth and higher yields.

How does it work?

So the 400v lighting system takes power delivered from your home mains supply at 230 – 240v and then transforms this power up to 400v, ready to provide low energy consumption whilst providing super lumens to your grow room!

In fact for the grower this means 8% more light – and more light equates to an average 10% higher yields than when using a 230 – 240v lighting system.

Although the initial investment is higher than the standard ballast lighting systems OUR entry 400v Lighting Systems starts as low as £154.95 (including 600w Lamp).......So if thinking about changing that standard 400w/600w grow light system – think 400v – and get more yield for the same power....

For even more serious yields opt for the 1000w 400V Lighting system with Double Ended 1000w Plus EL lamp this will produce yields you’ve only dreamt of :) - check out our full range of 400V Lighting Systems here.

We hear nothing but success stories from all customers that have purchased any of our 400V Lighting Systems. By adding a digital controller to a 400v lighting system you can fine tune your grow environment like never before.

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