Hydrohobby - GrowStone Hydro Stone GS-1

Straight outta Albuquerque, New Mexico - we have back in stock the USA 42L Growstone Hydro Stone GS-1. Created from 100% reycled food glass the Hydro Stone GS01 is second to none as a hydroponics media.

Bringing huge benefits to the environment compared to other man made media's such as perlite or vermiculite - is no wonder they are in such high demand!

With a radically eco friendly process used for creating GrowStones no water is required - which is very useful due to Growstones plant been located in the high deserts of New Mexico - meaning no airborne spores to contaminate the media.

Why you should consider GrowStone Hydro GS1...

Listed below are main reasons for considering USA Growstone as your next media for hydroponic growing. In extremely high demand USA Growstone are a unique media - bringing benefits to all growers including :

  • Lightweight, dust free and reusable media
  • Three times more saturation that clay pebbles
  • Allow easy control of root zone content
  • Simple to drain and re-wet after being been dehydrated
  • Twice the aeration or perlite
  • Four times more aeration ability versus common coco coir
  • Silica release in the form plants can uptake
  • Flexible for all plant needs for a consistent yield

Hydrohobby GrowStone Products

With over 15 years in the business we know good product when we see them..Below are some other useful GrowStone products - that will enhance your yields or make your gnat infestation problems a thing of the past!

42L GrowStone Soil Aerator -  designed to be mix with growing medium like coco or soil, made from 100% recycled glass.

42L GrowStone Gnat Nix - With NO Harmful Pesticides Or Chemicals, made from 100% recycled glass. Also available in 9L GrowStone Gnat Nix.

Grab Your GrowStones Hydro GS-1 today!