CarboAir Carbon Filters

This week we are looking at CarboAir Filters – the first Carbon Filters, which you can select the depth of virgin activated carbon inside the filter - the grower can now select the exact Carbon Filter require to clean your grow space of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Lets take a closer look at all the benefits of CarboAir Carbon Filters...


Global Air Supplies have been developing Carbon Filters for over 30 years, working along side partners Systemair - producers of the RVK fans to create a new standard in the carbon filter industry.

CarboAir use high quality courser carbon in thicker activate carbon beds – which in turn gives optimal time for the filter to eradicate smell whilst maintaining a continuous air flow from your fan.

Now to get a continuous air flow – YOU must always ensure that the Extractor Fan you use is matched to the Filter in terms of air flow rate and diameter of venting – if you use a too powerful Fan then you will simply end up pushing air through too quickly – resulting in it not passing through the Carbon filter for odours to be removed properly.

On that note – CarboAir filters are designed to be fitted to the intake side of your fan....this means air must be sucked through them and not blown out! Getting this wrong will make the CarboAir filter useless and may even damage it internally.

Inside CarboAir Carbon Filter

Virgin Activated Carbon Depths

CarboAir 50

The CarboAir 50 Carbon filters have a shorter body and air perfect for lower output fans. Ideal for the smaller sized grow space – they will remove unwanted smells through the 50mm of virgin activated carbon without reducing airflow.

CarboAir 60

Using 60mm of virgin activated carbon – the CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters, will be perfect for managing the strong scents that some fruit/flowers give off. Matched with stronger flow flowing fans, and medium grow spaces – the 60mm will give you extra piece of mind.

CarboAir 100

You will need a high pressured fan to match with the CarboAir 100 Carbon Filters. Specifically designed to handle large volumes of air in the most demanding environments, the super thick filter with dispel only clean air out using the 100mm thick bed of virgin activated carbon.

CarboAir Carbon Filters benefits:

  • Higher quality courser virgin activated carbon in thicker beds
  • 18 months guarantee
  • Comes with washable – pre-filter
  • Matches the Revolution Fan Range
  • 55.5% Filter mesh opened giving best air flow
  • Hand built to highest standards in Europe by Systemair

There are many good Carbon Filters on the Market - we only sell the best of the best that are 'fit for purpose' - visit our Coventry Shop today to look the CarboAir Filters close up and remember - "don't skimp on your Carbon Filter!"