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We have got some more new hot products worth a mention including the new Maxibright Daylight LED 660W!!.....Read More
Grow room humidity control is so often overlooked as many growers focus on lighting.....Read More
27 Sep 2019 11:53:00 By Adrian Grossett Humidify, De-humidify, humidity control, 1 Comments Hydroponics Environmental
We previously looked at the importance of ensuring your grow room doesn't get too cold this winter, using a fan controller will provide you precise environmental control.....Read More
Not sure if you should you add CO2 to your grow room - then read this.....Read More
Today we tell you how you can grow all year round indoors.....Read More

How to avoid mold in your hydroponic growroom

Find out how to avoid all mold in your hydroponic grow room.....Read More
Summer is coming make sure your hydroponic garden is ready and don't get caught out.....Read More
We check out some of the new Growing Media added to our range so far this year at Hydrohobby...Read More
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