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With over 40 years in horticultural lighting - its no wonder the Gavita 1700e LED Light is a game changer ....Read More
We have got some more new hot products worth a mention including the new Maxibright Daylight LED 660W!!.....Read More
We look at the benefits of the DLI CRI Series 315 watt CMH / CDM Grow Light......Read More
In today's post we answer the question...Do LED Grow Lights really work?.....Read More
We take a look at the latest addition to our 400v Grow Light Systems the DLI Joule Series 1000w DE Grow Light....Read More
Spectrum King USA are world famous for delivering some of the best LED's lighting systems - for over 10 years and it shows....Read More
When it comes to value for money Grow Tent Kits look no further than Hydrohobby - our experience ensures all Grow Tent Kits will bring you success...Read More
Just in at Hydrohobby the SANLight LED Lighting Systems we take a look at the full spectrum LED from West Austria....Read More
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