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BioBizz CalMag is the long awaited missing supplement from the BioBizz Organic Range!...Read More

How to avoid mold in your hydroponic growroom

Find out how to avoid all mold in your hydroponic grow room.....Read More
Nutrient boosters will provide your plant everything required for the vegetative period and flowering phases..Read More
Secret Jardin Monkey 20w Oscillating Fans are back in stock just in time for the summer heat wave.....Read More
Back in stock at Hydrohobby hydroponics is the amazing AirComfort Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor! These flew off the shelves and we've just received more - grab yours today.....Read More
In today's post we look at the most useful tool available for monitoring your grow room temps & humidity on your mobile phone sending data via secure Bluetooth connection....Read More
Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier is a new class of product crested specifically to enhance oil and resin production in your flowers...Read More
If you grow in a tent or grow room - now is the time if you already haven't done so to think about keeping those plants cosy over the colder months....Read More

The Importance of EC in Hydroponics


Monitoring your nutrient EC is vital - The Bluelab Truncheon - is a must have for all hydroponic growers! Lets see why......Read More
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