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BioBizz CalMag is the long awaited missing supplement from the BioBizz Organic Range!...Read More

Hydrohobby - Foliar feeding plants

Checking out the benefits of foliar feeding your plants with BioBizz Nutrients.......Read More
Looking at 3 nutrients lines from across the Atlantic kicking up at storm in the UK......Read More
Urban Remo Nutrient range arrives at Hydrohobby hydroponics ...Read More
Nutrient boosters will provide your plant everything required for the vegetative period and flowering phases..Read More
We check out some of the new Growing Media added to our range so far this year at Hydrohobby...Read More
Today we look at the importance of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) in your growing environment...Read More
We review the Canna Boost Accelerator - a top seller at Hydrohobby since 2002.....Read More
Just in at Hydrohobby the GAS Enviro Controller, GAS EC Speed Controller & GAS EC1 Controller from leading ventilation company Global Air Supplies...Read More
From the famous Green House Seeds Company - we take a look at the range of of All In One Green House Feeding Powders....Read More
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