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Check out the CannaBrush - just in at Hydrohobby........Read More
21 Feb 2020 17:12:16 By Adrian Grossett cannabrush, trimming brush, trimming, 1 Comments Hydroponics Tools
We have got some more new hot products worth a mention including the new Maxibright Daylight LED 660W!!.....Read More
Today we look at the new WeDryer that will dry your favorite herbs in less than 7 days!.....Read More
Summer is coming make sure your hydroponic garden is ready and don't get caught out.....Read More
Secret Jardin Monkey 20w Oscillating Fans are back in stock just in time for the summer heat wave.....Read More
Back in stock at Hydrohobby hydroponics is the amazing AirComfort Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor! These flew off the shelves and we've just received more - grab yours today.....Read More
Today we look at the importance of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) in your growing environment...Read More
Just in at Hydrohobby the GAS Enviro Controller, GAS EC Speed Controller & GAS EC1 Controller from leading ventilation company Global Air Supplies...Read More
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