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We take a look at the benefits of Run to Waste Hydroponic Systems one the best hydroponic systems on the market today.....Read More

The Importance of EC in Hydroponics


Monitoring your nutrient EC is vital - The Bluelab Truncheon - is a must have for all hydroponic growers! Lets see why......Read More

Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrients


Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator is the first organic derived inoculant that maximizes micronutrient and phosphorus cycling adding up to 16% on yields....Read More
Just in from Shogun we look at the Shogun Sumo Active Boost - a product designed solely for active hydroponic systems, bringing amazing benefits...Read More
Floraflex Dripper Irrigation System
This is the latest Irrigation product to arrive at Hydro Hobby - the patent pending FloraFlex. The benchmark they have set is saving growers up to 60% in water, nutrients and time!..Read More

Today we are going to explain why you should be feeding your plants RO Water and all the benefits it brings to the grower using the popular water treatment process.....Read More

Silicon is one of many additives available on the market that will improve the plant or the environment itself. Using silicon nutrition management and anti-stress plant enhancers is a must for any serious grower...

Read More

Flower Booster

Flowering Boosters will ensure that blossoms already producing on the plant will mature into large big flowers - today we look at four of our top sellers....Read More
DutchPro the Amsterdam based company have been providing growers with first class products for over 30 years tailoring them to meet the modern growers needs...Read More

We take a look into both Organic and Mineral Nutrients - and the benefits they bring to the growers garden...Read More
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