Dutch Touch Pro Filters

Now in store we have the crème de crème – of Filters produced by Dutch experts Dutch Touch Filters ....today we take a look two filters just released and in store now....

Dutch Touch Pro Inline Filters

First off let’s look at premium The Dutch Touch Pro Inline Filter – which is a premium high quality filter. The latest new innovation has been cleverly designed to be used outside the grow area leaving you more room inside the grow area to grow!

This is possible due to the inline tube which is fitted around the filter. This means that extracted air is forced through the carbon and only clean pure air is dispersed. Inside the galvanised steel walls of the filter are perforations of R1.8 T2.5 – meaning that each hole is 1.8mm in diameter and 2.5mm apart – this ensures that 60% of the filter walls are able to pass air through easily - giving you a more efficient filter.

More on the Carbon & Casing

Without high quality carbon - a Carbon filter is useless. With 15 years in the industry Dutch Touch Activated Carbon has undergone a thermal process to remove gasses and any other impurities - making it more porus and amazingly just 1 gram of this carbon can cover a surface area of approx 2000msq!

The casing is constructed from carbon steel which is perforated and then rolled into cylinders. Next the cylinders ran through a zinc bath - this process means the metal casing can now hold the carbon in place - with no need of further metals been put inside the filter walls. This is the reason all cylinders benefit from greater airflow and use less materials to produce.

Before entering the Filling room - tops flanges and bottoms are put into place and inner/outer walls. To avoid any air flowing around the carbon and not through it - Dutch Touch ensure all carbon is packed as tightly as possible. Once filled each filter is then placed on a tremor plate and vibrated at high frequency - to ensure carbon pellets/granules are totally compressed, before adding a high density foam collar to ensure no further movement of active carbon.

Dutch Pro Touch Carbon Filters

Next we have the Dutch Touch Pro Carbon Filter – another well constructed filter filled with premium quality ultra absorbent activated carbon granules like the Inline Version – so you can rest assured these Filters will not let you down and will only dispense clean fresh air out of the grow room. Designed to be hung inside the grow room the Dutch Touch Pro Carbon Filter comes ready with convenient placed hooks for hanging and will is guaranteed for 18 months.

Dutch Touch Filter Inside

We must say both Dutch Touch Pro Carbon Filters are top notch and as every indoor gardener knows you can’t skimp on your filter – so with this in mind if you are growing in a small or large grow area the Dutch Touch Pro Carbon Filters range – will meet all your requirement - so Go Dutch when it’s time to replace that carbon filter!

All Dutch Touch Pro Filters feature:

Premium High Quality Activated Carbon

Bespoke Zinc Galvanised Steel Casing

High Density Foamed Collars (stopping any carbon movement)

Perforations of R1.8 T2.5 in steel walls

Up to 67mm depth of Carbon Filtration

Hand-packed & Handmade

18 months Guarantee