Fast Hand Resin Removal is here!

Today we take a look at our latest hand cleaning product fresh in at Hydro Hobby – Fast Green Hand Clean.

Fresh from the USA Humboldt County is Fast Green Hand Clean – 100% organic and will remove sticky resin from your hands in seconds! In fact it makes light work of many hard to remove residues including: tree sap, chewing gum, car grease, sticker residue, latex caulk, roof cement, grime and much more.

Fast Green Hand Clean

Rapid Resin Residue Removal

Environment friendly and not tested on animals, Fast Green Hand Clean come in a plastic spray bottle and will give you up to 1000 sprays. If you’re using it every 8-9 weeks ;) - it will last you a long time as little goes far ...check out the video below and see how fast it works:

Fast Green Hand Clean in Action

Fast Green Hand Clean is a great product and an asset to any grower’s cupboard.

At £19.95 we think its value for money – when you consider the speed that it removes that resin – not to mention any other hard to remove residues.