Flowering Boosters

Today we take a look at a some of our best selling Flowering Boosters - and compare the benefits they bring to your garden and the financial costs. All flowering boosters at HydroHobby bring fantastic results when used correctly and are packed with phosphorous - the single best nutrient for producing large vibrant flowers on your plants whilst assisting your plants with everything from water movement to chlorophyll production.

Remember Flowering Boosters won't necessarily encourage more flowers to grow - BUT they will ensure that blossoms already producing on the plant will mature into large big flowers that smell and taste good.

All you have to decide is are you going to go down the Organic Flowering Booster route possibly considering Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer PK 4-8 or Kalong Bat Boost K2 - or go with bit of assistance from science and try out Flowering Boosters such as Shogun Sumo Boost or Canna Boost Accelerator....

Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator is a popular favourite working in any hydroponic systems it delivers first class results and customers who purchase it always buy it again - because it works - in COCO, Hydroponics or Soil! Canna Boost Accelerator is available in 3 sizes : 250ml, 1 and 5 Litre, so if your unsure of the 'CANNA POWER' - try the 250ml size - WE - guarantee you'll be back for more - once you have seen the significant size and weight of your flowers at harvest.

Using Canna Boost at the first sight of flowering, until the last week before harvest - will give you results that easily justify and cover the price for a high quality flowering booster from Canna.Canna Boost can also administered as a foliar spray allowing the plant it absorb nutrients via the leaves. Canna do however recommend using Canna Boost Accelerator alongside Canna PK 13 – 14 - to get the best results!

Price starting at: £19.95 for a 250ml bottle - doing exactly as the bottle says...

Shogun Sumo Boost

Shogun Sumo Boost - is another serious manufacture - their nutrient product lines sell well - and the Shogun Sumo Boost is no different. Increasing your yield and promoting stronger growth - it's designed to be used in around weeks 2 or 3 of flowering  until a week before harvest.

Customers love Shogun Nutrients and Additives and remain loyal to brand once they have seen the results for themselves, and for the grower who wants great results but with less outlay - then consider Sumo Boost - working with COCO, Hydroponics and Soil media - it is recommended that SHOGUN Geisha and SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 are used alongside the Sumo Boost to obtain the best results from the product.

Shogun Sumo Boost is moderately priced from £14.94 for a 250ml bottle and is also available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 10 Litre size bottles.

Canna or Shogun?

Here's the breakdown........

Product Cost per Litre:

Shogun Sumo Boost : 2p – 12p (depending on bottle size & dilution rate)

Canna Boost Accelerator: 7p - 32p (depending on bottle size & dilution rate)

Dilution Rate:

Shogun Sumo Boost : 1 – 2ml per Litre

Canna Boost Accelerator: 2 – 4ml per Litre

Using either product at 5 cycles per year using a 50L tank - changing once a week using 1 Litre size bottles:

So you can see it all comes down to how much you want to spend - both give great results, but its clear to see as far as financial saving goes - Shogun Sumo is ahead. However Shogun do recommend 2 additional products to get the best results - whereas Canna recommend 1 additional product.

Organic Flower Boosters

Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer PK 4-8

Lets take a look at the Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer PK 4-8 a new enhanced organic PK boost. To be used between weeks 4 - 7 of flowering working along side Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Bloom Nutrients - will give you great results using an unique ratio of phosphorous and potassium which increases BRIX levels to bring you more colourful fruit plus : 

  • Increased yields
  • Vital phosphorous for plant energy management
  • High potassium and increased BRIX level
  • Optimised PK ratio for bigger harvests

GuanoKalong Bat Boost K2

GuanoKalong Bat Boost K2 - is another 100% Organic Booster - containing humic acids that help plants to absorb the specific bat droppings(guano) which have been piling up in rainforest caves for hundreds of years. The GuanoKalong Nutrients use 100% Organic ingredients which will strengthen your plant and speed up the flowering times by using: 1-2ml/Litre  under 18 hours of light and during the flowering period under 12 hours of light: 1-2 ml/L for first 2 weeks. GuanoKalong Bat Boost K2 will also provide your plants:

  • Exuberant flower period
  • Increased resistance of plant against bacteria
  • High quantity of potassium
  • Acceleration of root structuring

Both our top Organic Flower Boosters start at £14.95 for 1 Litre - so they are both equally cost effective, mixed at identical ratios per 1Litre and will give good results at harvest! When it comes to taste, aroma and flavour - only you can identify your preference - but for vegans, vegetarians or just plan old school organic farmers these are just two of our highly Customer recommended 100% Organic Flowering Boosters!

Remember YOU get what YOU pay for as quality products are never cheap.....

Let us know what nutrient booster your using, or is it time to change?