Gavita E Series - Double Ended HPS Lamps

When looking selecting your grow equipment the base for all grower setups is the lighting... Shopping for a high quality professional Double Ended HPS Lights will lead you to Gavita - in particular the Gavita 1000 Watt E Series Pro Line DE (400V).

A professional doubled ended hps lighting system used worldwide in the greenhouse production of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals for over 30 years - Gavita only design high quality, robust fixtures using first class components resulting in a greater reliability and a longer life.

Standing out from the crowd

Our best selling Gavita 1000 Watt E Series lamp is modern in design - gone are the old style control knobs/dials found on previous models - with the 'E' standing for External the Gavita E Series can be controller by the Master Controller Unit. The in built ballast unit can be adjusted to 600, 750, 825, 100 and 1150W boosted output using the Controller Unit or an external switch. Using 400V lamp high voltage technology gives better results using the arc tube - in fact your plants will receive up 10-25% more light than from single ended HPS lamps. Arc lamps produce no acoustic resonance - which assures long lamp life and optimal output.

With the 'soft start' ballast start-up sequence Gavita lamps never use more power than specified - plus DE HPS lamps reach their full power quicker than they would using an magnetic ballast - these really a growers dream and the way forward!

Gavita E Series 1000 Watt HPS

As you recall we had some serious heat waves the past few weeks and our customers with Gavita E Series Lights - didn't need to worry as these lights have added auto-dim and auto-shutdown features, completely automating your light control - so your crops won't be cooked in extreme heat - which is what naturally occurs with other HPS lighting systems - another example of Gavita thinking out the box!

Better light, better design means bigger yields....

So Gavita have integrated the ballast and reflector resulting in a compact fixture - with two balanced hanging points and no external lamp wires resulting in low EMI. Improving the electronics Gavita have mounted the PCB and warm components directly on heat sinks enabling them to run the double ended lamps at exactly the right high frequency and power for optimal and stable output.

The high quality Micro aluminium reflector provides optimal reflectance of light to your plants, it is a designed specifically to provide uniform light in an overlapping plan giving superb plant penetration from all sides. As the Sun is never straight above plants - light is requires at an angle for optimal penetration the wide Micro reflector ensures this occurs.

Gavita recommend that the reflector is changed at least once a year (in a dirty environment) or every two years in a clean environment. Light spread and optimal uniformity can be changed according to grow space/plant size by using two of their alternative Micro aluminium Reflectors all designed to give the grower unrivalled uniformity and efficiency:

Gavita W150 DE Reflector

Provides your plants light closer in a large area improving the distribution of light at lower levels

Gavita Reflector M110 DE SR

Gives your plants a medium light spread for optimal uniformity and deep light crop penetration in small rooms (110° beam angle)

Gavita Standard Reflector

This replaces the original reflector that all Gavita Lights giving your plants medium spread for optimal overlap (138° beam angle)

You get what you pay for when you buy Gavita!

If your looking for big yields come harvest time - then for the E Series 1000 watt Light is a obvious choice, all growers who have previously used 2 x 600 watt HPS - are simple amazed by the yield that the Gavita delivers and the power they have saved.

If you like your plants big and have a minimum grow space of 2m x 1.2m plus headroom of up to 2.20m - then start growing with the Gavita 1000w DE HPS Lighting System the £499.95 investment will be fully recouped - after you reap your first bumper harvest....

With such headroom heights (2.20m upwards) - our customers report that they can permanently mount the Gavita to the ceiling with no need to move it up and down. This is because the Gavita's light output can be easily lowered and increased as the plant gets bigger and can absorb more light - so now more chains!

For the grower who may have less headroom height and grow space our Gavita 750 Watt E Series Pro Line DE (400V) will save you power and time and at £379.95 - likes it's big brother - provides plants more useable light giving you a serious heavy yields.

Gavita gives YOU total control

All E Series can be connected to the Gavita Master Controller EL1 eliminating the need for contactors allowing you setup and configure dimming periods and light boosting automatically. Or consider the EL2 version which will provide you with total environmental control from one unit - allowing you to connect additional control equipment such as heaters, dehumidifiers and more by using ECM1 contactors.

So it's time to move over to the next generation of lighting - and get super yields from the1000w Double Ended Gavita Lighting System - that won't let you down!