Get more space in your Grow Tent!

Bringing only the best of the best - this week we have a useful product for all Grow Tent users - the Expando. Once you know what this clever product does - you quickly realise its true value and why its a grow tent essential!

What does Expando do?

In a nut shell it will stop your tent been sucked in from your exhaust fans - whilst also providing you additional inside grow space in the tent created by Extendo Grow - who are a new hydroponic company creating new grow room essentials at affordable prices.


Expando Advantages

Expando is simple but smart and will work with any tent 1m+ and are linked easily together to accommodate long tent walls. Universal in design they can be fitted to any area of the tent, for example behind fans to increase circulation as well as the below benefits:

More Light & Growth Space

Reduction in Hot Spots

Better Air Flow

Reduce risk of plant damage and Mold

They really are simple to use and can be easily added at anytime. Sold in 2 Packs Expando's are strong, light and durable and feature a quick and easy setup - see video below:

Expando Setup Video

This is must have for any grower using a grow tent who wants to utilize grow space, increase airflow and increase yield!

At only £24.95 - the Expando is worth every penny...