Get your grow room ready for summer with an Ora 35L Air Cooler Unit

The perfect addition to any hydroponics grow room up to 30m2 – is the Ora 35L Air Cooler. Constantly providing a steady stream of cold air into your growing area, to create and maintain perfect growing conditions for your plants. Remember hot plants are unhappy plants - and unless your growing cactus - excessive heat and high humidity are of no benefit to your plants indoors. So if you wish to avoid the headache of spider mites and reduced yields at harvest time - then the Ora 35l Air Cooler is the affordable solution.

Ora 35l Air Cooler

How does Ora Air Cooler work?

The Ora Air Cooler will pull in the warm air into its dust filter and then through an enhanced honeycomb filter that is kept wet from the water in the tank. As the water evaporates, it is pushed to the front of the unit via a fan and out through the multi directional louver vents - to provide a cool breeze. With simply and easy to use dials - the unit is totally plug and play.


Ora Air Cooler Controls

Lightweight and mobile

Ora 35L Air Coolers are extremely light and are on castor wheels making it simply to move from room to room if required. The unit does not require a window venting kit or permanent installation, and can be ran on a constant fill feature using it's built in float valve inlet – so you won’t have to worry about it running out of water.

Check out the video below and see the 35l Air Cooler in action – get one toady and be ready for the hot weather coming our way click here for more information.