Is your hydroponic garden ready for Summer?

Growing in hydroponics is very rewarding and you can see your plants develop quickly over a shorter period of time - compared to conventional soil growing. That said once the weather starts to warm up - hydroponic growers need to be dialed in to the growing environment - and be ready to combat the sudden temperature rises. It is not hard to maintain the ideal growing temperatures there are many affordable solutions to provide your plants perfect temperatures 365 days a year - providing you high quality yields...

Keep your hydroponic solution cool.......

We know how rapid growth and development occur when growing in hydroponics BUT its vital to keep your solution cool - 18ºC – 21ºC these temperatures will ensure dissolved oxygen levels and rapid growth rates.

Our Hailea Water Chillers start at £239.95 - and are vital if you wish to avoid the devastating effects of pythium - which will kill your crops quickly.

Silver Bullet Roots is extremely effect in also preventing pythium - when used from the get go your hydroponic tank. Specially designed to actively fight existing plant microorganism and plant diseases before they develop.

Increasing your Extraction System

This can be a case of simply increasing your fan speed controller (if possible) or you may need to upgrade to a larger fan.

Depending on your budget our Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans - will extract more air silently. Using much less power - the Silenced Revolution EC Range moves higher quantities of air - using aerodynamically optimized guide vanes and impellers along side external rotor motors. The motors can never overheat due to the integrated electronic motor protection system. Fine tuning your fan speed couldn't be easier using the GAS Digital EC Controller - adjusting fan speed in 1% increments 0 - 100% with zero humming or buzzing. 

Remember you need to source your incoming air is at a lower temperature - this is essential in order to maintain a stable growing environment inside your grow room or grow tent.

Check out the full review of the Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fan here in our previous blog post.

Improve Air Circulation

Hot spots will natural increase in the summer months - therefore circulating more air the grow room - using circulation fans in the corners and pointing at your reflector. For larger areas we recommend the DiffuseAir Air Diffusers - these units are created to specifically eliminate hot spots, micro climates and high humidity zones.

Other tips to help you in overcome temperature increases in your hydroponic garden

Move your lights up - leaving a bigger gap between the plant canopy and the lamp

Dim your row light lamps if possible and run them at night

Cover Water Tanks and OxyPots with Light Block Plastic Sheeting

Add frozen water bottles to your water reservoir

Add C02 supplementation such as MY-CO2 Carbon Dioxide

Ensure Ballasts are outside of growing area

If your still struggling to maintain temperatures as it gets warmer outside - pop in Store we will have an affordable solution to solve all temperature issues with over 15 years in hydroponics friendly staff are ready to assist.