How clean is your hydroponics grow room?

Cleanliness is not only next to Godliness but also – vital in your indoor hydroponics environment. It doesn’t matter what light, fans or method of growing you have chosen.... a clean environment from start to finish will eliminate many growing problems before they have a chance to arise!

Our hand picked selection of globally approved cleaning products will keep not only your grow room clean and sterile, but also your hands! Check out our popular cleaning products available today:

Logic Sept Hand & Skin Sanitizer is a powerful cleaning solution from the Netherlands. The Hand and Skin Sanitizer provides protection against many viruses, fungi, bacteria and yeast. Available in two sizes this is perfect for using when going in / and going out from your grow room area.

Endosan Hydro 8 Water Disinfection is bio-degradable and contains no alcohol or chlorine, making it more versitle to be used on many materials. Causing no corrosive effects - Endosan Hydro 8 Water Disinfection is perfect for cleaning – water tanks, floors, walls, tools and pots. Once applied to any surface it will start to use the oxidation process to disinfect the targeted area.

Endosan Hydro 3 Surface - will kill 99.99% of all grow room diseases! Available in a ready to go spray bottle formula with no odour, taste or colour – its perfect for everywhere and everything hydroponic which you which to sterilise.

Silver Bullet's Roots - primary goal is to solely – actively fight existing plant microorganism and plant diseases that can develop further in any hydroponic systems.

Silver Bullet's Mist - requires no dilution and is perfect for cleaning down between harvests eradicating – fusarium, pythium , powdery mildew, grey mould brown and yellow spot.


Keeping your grow room and your hands clean is important and investing in any of the above products, will assist you in creating a sterile hydroponic growing enviroment...and remember prevention is better than cure!