Hydrohobby - AirComfort

Today we are looking at useful tool that will enable you to monitor your grow room temperature & humidity from your mobile phone. Even better you are able to monitor multiple grow rooms using numerous AirComforts under one app on your chosen device! At less than £30 - AirComfort enables you to dial into your system...

How AirComfort Works

AirComfort is created by iBebot Limited wining six design awards to date - they have made recording temperature and humidity levels data - a simplified task using first class temp and humidity sensors which securely send data via Bluetooth to the AirComfort App - this data can easilt be exported. Extremely modern in design and extremely light in weight the device can be placed high or low anywhere in your grow area - and look good.

aircomfort wireless temperature humidity sensor

AirComfort Application

Recording grow room data for up to 100 days - Air Comfort - will send data to your device when you are within 10 meters - the data is displayed on the easy to use Air Comfort App.

As mention you can customize the app to meet your requirements - this includes specifying grow room titles and allowing you to select how you want the data displayed : for today, 7 days or monthly periods of time inside your grow environment plus the ability to setup notification settings. Air Comfort Application Screen Shot

Super Fast Easy Setup

Complete with battery your Air Comfort will operate for up to 1 year, once the battery is inserted in place - simply search for the AirComfort via Bluetooth connection on your chosen device and pair. Download the application install, configure - place your sensor and your done....Once in place in your grow environment you just need to customize the application to meet your needs.

Get AirComfort Today!

Thumbs up from us at Hydrohobby hydroponics on this product not only it is affordable but it will give you the power to truly monitor your grow room, with ease.

iBebot Limited have more devices to offer - we will soon take a look at  the new AirQuality - a wireless connected device that measures VOC/CO2, temperature and humidity in surrounding area sending data with in 20 meter connection range.