Hydrohobby - The CannaBrush Arrives!

Look no further than us for the latest in hydroponics tools & gadgets! Today we take a look at the The CannaBrush, a new tool that will make you never need to use scissors for hours upon hours at harvest time.

Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone, the CannaBrush has three rows of bristles - which are strong yet soft enough to leave more of its organic shape with most of the trichome heads intact on your product.

The brushing motion is an ergonomic motion - the CannaBrush eliminates all the strains that go along with scissor trimming - not to mention it is much quicker. For under £30 if you want to try something different from scissor trimming - then it ticks boxes - plus it won't break the bank!

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Visit the companies website here to see it in action!