Hydrohobby - DLI Diode Series 357w LED Grow Light 

We’ve just added the latest from Toplighting Fixture Range from Dutch Lighting Innovations. Stepping into the LED Market with the DLI Diode series 357w LED Grow Light Fixture which consumes a low 357w of power this light is perfect for low ceilings and providing a powerful high output of up to 1000 µmol/s!

Featuring an easy to hang system the fixture is iP65 Waterproof and can be suspended above the plant canopy to provide maximum penetration. Deep penetration causes larger flowers and bigger leaves even in the lower parts of the plant. With little heat been omitted from the fixtures in operation - leaf burn is minimised.

Dutch Lighting Innovations are no newbie’s when it comes to producing first class growing light fixture for the indoor grower and commercial growers, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Working closely with reputable companies such as Philips, DLI are able to develop various lighting systems that can be used standalone or as hybrid systems to achieve the highest yields every harvest.

Available today the DLI Diode Series 357w LED Grow Lamp is ready to demonstrate at our Coventry Store.