Hydrohobby - Green House Feeding Powder have arrived

From Amsterdam Zuidoost, - the famous Green House Seeds Company’s have developed a range of of All In One - Green House Feeding Powder  - that has hit Hydrohobby hydroponics

From The Netherlands means – you can rest assured these products have been tested on multiple plant varieties…and are ready to give you healthy, strong and abundant plant growth – leading to larger yields at harvest. 

You kick of the Green House Feeding Powder Range with the All in One Green House Feeding Powder Grow - a special blended formula encouraging rapid root growth making plants more resistant and robust from the get go....all feeds are compatible with all growing styles soil, coco and hydroponics.

When its time to flip to the flowering cycle you will have the choice of three Green House Powder Feeds created to meet specific plant flowering time lengths these are : Green House Feeding Powder Long FloweringGreen House Feeding Powder Short FloweringGreen House Feeding Powder Hybrids formulas – this is great news for any ‘connoisseur’ grower or even the new grower that is thinking economy and simplicity all the way…

The high quality bright pouches stand up with a resealable lid, complete with measuring scoop for simply mixing at ratios between 2.5 grams – 10 grams to 1 litre of water, once mixed can be stored for up to 7 days with no need to worry about expiry dates.

Green House Powder Additives & Boosters

With the Green House Calcium Feeding Powder your plants can obtain a Calcium supplement if required during its development. The Green House Feeding Booster Powder – will provide the correct amounts of potassium, phosphorus magnesium and micronutrients require for increased fruit and flower production.

Green House Organic Bio Feeding Powders

The BioRange gives you excellent bio powder nutrients blends : Green House Feeding BioBloom, Green House Feeding Powder BioGrow and Green House Additive Feeding Powder BioEnhancer.

The Bio Range are presented in paper bio-gradable re-sealable pouches and is equally as economical and so simple to mix.

Powder based feeds are nothing new – in the grow world but Green House Powder Fertilizers are specifically developed for the indoor hydroponic grower - to ensure excellent result – regardless of your experience.

Check out the video below of the Green House Labs where Arjan Roskam the founder of Green House Seeds - shows a slice of the testing undertaken developing Green House Powder Feeds.