Hydrohobby - Green Man Grow Systems 

The Green Man Grow Systems include Combi & Flood and Drain Systems is available today at Hydrohobby hydroponics  – in pot sizes 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,12 and 24 Pot sizes. If your after strong vigorous yields then the Green Man System Combi Systems & Flood and Drain Systems are for you....

The Green Man System started with the Pot

The Green Man Combi System use the well designed and solid Green Man 40L Pots - offering superb drainage, which enables the systems to be multi functional – combing flood and drain, aeration drippers and DWC techniques together. Not only that the clever unique green pot design has a sloping bottom to ensure that every drop of nutrient is drained away from the pot during water change.

A lot of thought has gone into designing the pot and to ensure your plant pots are never directly on the floor a heel design is incorporated into to the pot base – allowing air to flow freely underneath.

A white basket which reflects heat and light keeping your solution cooler is solid ready to hold some serious roots, inside the pot is a 4”inch internal pocket that will hold your air stone in position – ensuring a constant even distribution of aeration – plus the corners on the bucket will keep tubing in place – stopping it from kinking.

The Green Man Combi Systems are just that so each kit will include the Green Man Brain, water tank, drip ring, air pumps, air stones and quality iceline tubing - enabling all three growing styles to be implemented.

Setting up the Green Man Combi Systems couldn't be easier see below....

No more blockages

Blockages will be eliminated due to the top basket having multiple drainage holes – which also encourage rapid root growth – aiding with the baskets unique inline groove system which gives your plant extra grip inside the Green Man System Pots. The last feature worth a mention is the inspection cover this makes it simply to keep an eye on water levels and roots, plus it aids in releasing warm gasses should your grow room overheat.

The Green Man Systems Brain

With the Green Man Brain attached to your reservoir bucket and set the timer - your plants are now going to thrive quickly as they are feed automatically utilizing all grow styles combined: aeration drippers, flood and drain and DWC techniques.

The Green Man Brain setup video :

Flood & Drain Green Man Systems

The GreenMan Flood and Drain Systems in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,12 and 24 Pots, costing slightly less than the Combi System - this is a great way to benefit from the Green Man superb 40L pots design - which will ensure that not a drop of water is left behind after each flood - the unique tray insert replaces the basket and drip ring found in the Green Man Combi Systems. The unique tray insert creates a 65mm airspace at the base of the pot ensuring a well oxygenated root zone!

Pop in store to see the Green Man Systems close up - you won't be disappointed when see the design and solid construction of the Green Man 40L Pots, with a choice of solid or flexible water tanks - these systems are going to bring you a big harvest!