Hydrohobby - Growers Guide Book Series Review

When The Growers Guide first arrived at Hydrohoby we where excited to see how these books would and could educate growers in DWC, Organics and Coco and Soil growing styles.

Hat's off to the author Rich Hamilton who with his 20 plus years experience in the hydroponics  industry, has written The Grower Guide Books in a format that's easy to digest with clear illustrations, charts and feeding schedules plus space for notes at the back of each book.

This is the first book series to bring hydroponics brands together in one place you will be guided through all stages of plant growth serving as an aid to novice and expert growers due to it covering the latest growing styles plus latest equipment and tools.

With more editions of The Grower Guide books to follow - these books will educate you in the ever changing hydroponic industry - and as Rich Hamilton says - "I've grown using all techniques, systems and styles and I still don't know everything" - testimony that - we never stop learning!

Explaining the basics & fundementals

Covering all vital topics from EC to pH - after reading any of these books you will become a better grower and understand your growing environment and plants better, which in turn will increase your yields and quality of harvest. Rich shares his 20 plus years of tips covering all stages of plant growth to ensure you start with the correct foundations including setting up the indoor grow room setup and taking clones (successfully - first time).

So in a nutshell this book is definitely worth every penny at £14.99 - they are packed full of advice letting you know ahead the items you will require for stages of your plant growth - assisting you to improve every harvest - this is a growers bible.....and a must for the growers book shelf!