Hydroponic Grow Systems

When it comes to automated growing systems you really are spoilt for choice at Hydrohobby Hydroponics. We have been selling first class hydroponic growing systems for over 15 years and have systems in stock to fit all spaces and budgets. Today we take a look at two grow systems that are reliable, expandable and value for money.....

The Medical Planter and Ez-Pz Planter

USA based The Bucket Company – provide super versatile growing systems that are compatible will all media – soil, hydro and coco coir. Looking the part in any grow area the sleek buckets are available in Trellis or Stake plant support versions with optional pot stands.

Using patent pending components both The Medical Planter and Ez-Pz Planter ensure your plants receive maximum oxygen and airflow at the root zone meaning super root growth working with Drain to Waste, Deep Water Culture, Aeroponic and Hydroponic applications – giving you bumper yields at harvest time!

The Medical Planter is made from White Medical Grade FDA & EPA Approved Plastics that will eliminate 99.95% of Mold, Algae and E-Coli within 24 hours. The Medical Planter Kit starts from £289.99. The Ez-Pz Planter Growers Kits are available in various colours and great value for money starting from £219.99 – all Bucket Company systems are available in 1.2, 3 and 10 gallon bucket sizes. You can view the full range here.

Check the Bucket Systems in action on YouTube - they are very impressive – and will push your plants to their limits.

EasyFeed Systems

EasyFeed systems offer the freedom of automated feeding utilising fabric pots combined with patent pending irrigation technology. EasyFeed systems are perfect for the soil or coco coir grower – allowing your plants will only drink as much nutrient as they need – when they need it.

Using a EasyFeed Water Timer powered by batteries – you simply decide and set the frequency of feeds – and connect the system to the Camo Water Tank. Your nutrients will be delivered to each EasyFeed Planter holding your plant in an Easyfeed Fabric pot. With no electrics needed these systems will never let you down - cleverly using larger 16mm feed pipes to ensure there is no clogging up of the system.

Extremely good value for money and simply to expand the EasyFeed System will make growing your favourite crops an enjoyable and simple task. Starting as low as £109 for the 2 pot 10L System with No Tank – the EasyFeed Systems are easy to expand as when by adding individual Modules and Pipework. Check out the full range of systems here.

EasyFeed systems have been specifically created for soil and coco media - allowing you to gain large yields every harvest plus making hand watering a thing of the past!


Both automated grow systems will make hand watering a thing of the past adding increase yields!. Your main concern will be observing the water tank to ensure it doesn’t run dry plus monitoring pH and EC. Full system clean downs between harvests are recommended to reduce blockages and salt build up in pipe work.

We also stock other hydroponic automated grow systems from reputable manufacturers such as Alien, AutoPot, Wilma Systems, Medusa and more. Hydroponic automated systems are the perfect solution to regularly provide your plants with a consistent flow of nutrients. Pop in store or give us a call for more information on any of our automated grow systems.