Hydrohobby - LED Grow Lights 2018

Over half way into 2018 and our range of LED Grow Lights just keeps on growing! We love new high quality products - and have selected only the best LED Full Spectrum Lights available are added to our range of LED Grow Lights at Hydrohobby hydroponics.

An interest in LED Grow Lights has been increasing for some time in store and online. NASA have been using LED technology for growing food in space for a long time due to it been a super energy effecient! Anyone doing a little bit of research on the internet will soon see that LED's are they way forward and the future....

Hydrohobby LED Grow Lights a true solid investment for any grower newbie or expert delivering phenomenal yields - with customers - never looking back at HPS Lighting again. Many LED Grow Lights are going to see you through from seed to harvest delivering a Full Spectrum to your plants - so no more switching between bulbs again!

Starting as low as £49.99 our Secret Jardin LED Grow 26w, Spectron 25w LED and SanLight LED Grow Light Strip fixtures, are the perfect addition to any grow room lighting set-up providing more even spread of light and a more balanced spectrum - without increasing temperatures and requiring little space.

Some of our LED Grow Light Strips will allow you to daisy chain multiple units together using one LED Driver, built using professional LED Chips from companies such as CREE and Osram - you will see bigger and healthy yields as you target the area of your plants more and not onto side walls. 

A league of their own..

LED Lights are in their own league when compared to lighting Grow Lighting Systems - and no doubt they are the future, with decades of research and developement invested companies like Spectrum King have created the SK602 LED Grow Lights which delivers the same light intensity as a 1000 Watt double ended HPS bulb - without the heat enabling you to grow healthy yeilds all year!

It is facts like this that are making the serious grower consider LED as a serious option - other benefits of LED Grow Lights include:

Less Power Consumption

  • Up to a 50% reduction in lighting watts when compared to other lighting systems, which means lower bills.

Cooler Operating Temperatures

  • As LED lighting use less watts, they produce less heat - by definition 1 watt produces 3.41 Btu of heat. Other lighting systems such as HPS constantly convert more than half of the watts they consume into infrared heat - LED Lights do not do this and are therefore more efficient.

No Lamp Changes

  • LED Lights typically have 50,000 hour life span, so they can operate for say 11 years on 12/12 - with no maintenance!

Environment Friendly

  • Containing no toxic substances such as mercury LED lights are 100% recyclable - and all LED's are certified by the RoHS to ensure this.

LED Full Spectrum

  • The individual diodes in LED lights provide specific wavelengths of color which are mainly reds, oranges and blues in the 580-630nm and 420-470nm ranges. This provides your plants everything they need to flourish - making LED Grow Lights perfect for all stages of plant growth.

Super efficient LED Grow Lights

Hydrohobby Hydroponics LED Lighting Systems latest brands include - Spectrum King, SanLight, Spectron Light Science, Plessey and GNUK Ltd as well as many of the veteran brands such as BudMaster and Helion Spectrum.

Our LED Grow Lights are ready to demo in-store, customers are giving us only positive feedback -  seeing a big difference at harvest with increased yields.

If your intention is to replace or add to your HPS Lighting System then we have a LED option - find out more in our previous blog posts below and visit our full range of LED Grow Lights for more information and prices.

Visit us in-store and see the LED Lighting Systems in action for yourself!

SanLight LED's

Spectrum King LED's