Lets talk Growing Media...

Coco coir is a great growing media and a simply form of hydroponics  using pots - in which you can reap great success and super yields :) Today I thought we'd look at some of the newest Growing Media added to our range to date starting off with a game-changing proven and tested soil media..

Sohum Soil - 42.5 Litre

Research brought us to this product and it is proven and tested. Check on Youtube - you'll see this wonderful soil substance been used at The Grove - Nevada working nicely with the Heliospectra LX601C 630w LED Grow Lights and the AutoPot Systems.

So what makes a soil that good to end up been used at the Grove! It's not cheap and how could it be - Sohum Soil requires no nutrients....YES...no nutrients - that said you need to be feeding the best water available - Reverse Osmosis Water to rep the full benefits of this magical mix.

Priced at £39.99 - you will see that this investment will deliver you more superior flavor, more yield and quality in your crops at harvest time. Sohum Soil is all about the mix - that will feed your plants from the get go with balanced releases of amounts of phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, sulphur and magnesium - any soil grower will know already this is paramount. Released via kelp, meal, crab meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, perlite, peat moss and worm casting - Sohum Soil is ready to go - requires no mixing just RO Water. I'd recommend this to any new grower, soil lovers and definitely the connoisseur out :)...

Atami Cocos Substrate 50 Litre

Atami have been in the industry for over 20 years providing first class nutrients which we stock. The Atami Cocos Substrate 50 litre - is a first class coco substrate manufactured in the UK - it contains a basic fertilizer - and is ready to for use from the bag.

Providing your plant roots plenty of oxygen Atami Cocos Substrate will absorb plenty of water in short period whilst capable of storing nutrients so they are continually available for your plant. Modestly priced at £8.95 there is no reason for anyone not to reap success when growing in any coco media - ensure you get that run off !

Mills Ulimate Coco and Cork

Mills are by no means newcomers to the hydroponic market creating a mad a buzz with the Mills Nutrient Range. When it comes to growing media - they know what blends work ...Blended in Amsterdam, Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is a first class media - giving you all the benefits of coco coir plus the added 100% natural cork which provides unbeatable aeration and rapid root development! 

Mills Ultimate Soil and Cork

Cork is also the added ingredient in the Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork - giving your plants all the benefits found using the cork mixed with high quality soil growing media. Naturally using the Mills Nutrients will bring you maximum results - and for the experience grower - Mills Ultimate Media is an excellent base for you to add - your own extra special feeding products.

Mills Ultimate Growing Media's are priced at £19,95 for 50 litre - for unique mix blended in Amsterdam you are buying a high quality growing media that your plants roots will thrive from and your harvest yields will increase. 

MIlls haven't stopped there as they offer three high performing all around potting substrates : Mills CocoPeat with a neutral pH is an all round potting substrateMills Light Mix Soil is perfect for cuttings and small plants and Mills Top Mix Soil which will enrich any soil media absorbing large volumes of oxygen and water. 


There's plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the right growing media for your growing your favorite plants and flowers - all will bring great results - and many can be used again multiple times, with the exception of Sohum Soil.