Lights off temperature....

Lights off temperatures are just as important, as lights on temperatures and are so often overlooked. We see so many issues related to this in the indoor hydroponics garden, and we ask the question - "What are your lights on  & lights off temperatures?". Its no trick question read on to find out more....

When things start getting too cold your plants will assume it’s time to stop growing – as cold grow room temperatures emulate the winter season. This is not what you are looking for when growing plants indoors – the lower temperatures stunt growth and slow things right down - depleting your plants development and the final yield at harvest.

It's going to take up to 3 weeks for your plants to begin to repair themselves, once you address the issue - so now is the time ensure your lights off temperature is no less than 15°C!

Grow Room Investments

Selling many inexpensive grow room tools the Air Comfort Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor is going to record and log temperature and humidity for up to 100 days – letting you know exactly what temperature fluctuations are occurring and when.

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat will allow you to select a temperature such as 18°C to switch on a Lighthouse 2kw or 1kw Oil Filled Radiator. This temperature will then be maintained - providing your plants the perfect temperature during the lights off period, natural when your lights are on you heater will automatically be switched off, due to your temperatures increasing.

The required tools you will need to maintain and control grow room lights off temperatures are below – these are vital tools for a successful harvest.


Ensuring your lights on temperatures are between 20-28°C - then implementing the above you will see a great improvement in plant growth, development resulting in bigger harvests! Depending on your Oil Filled Radiator selection – you can create the perfect indoor growing environment for under a £100!