Lumatek joins the LED Grow Light Market

Lumatek aren't been left out when it comes to producing high quality LED Lighting fixtures this year! Today we take a look at three new Lumatek LED Grow Lights arriving in store January 2020. The - Zeus Pro 600W, Attis 300 & Attis 200W Led Grow Lighting Fixtures are full spectrum, solid, super efficient and are the perfect addition for any hydroponics grow room or grow tent setup.

The Zeus 600W Pro LED Grow Light - is a linear multi-light bar fixture which uses 6 x 100w LED Bars which contain Osram and LUMLED powered by a dimmable Lumatek 600W Driver. Due to the clever configuration of the light bars - the fixture can be perfectly mounted in multi layer systems, low ceilings rooms or grow tents, and will provide a uniform spread of light close to the canopy top. The state of the art design uses passive cooling and runs cooler than hps lights - therefore you will save on extraction costs due to there been less hot air present in the grow area!

Covering all bases and cleverly thinking out the box - Lumatek have ensured the Zeus LED Fixture is modular using solid magnetic light bars which can be removed without turning off the unit. The bars are replaceable and are simply to click into place in seconds. The Lumatek LED Driver powering the led bars is detachable and can be removed from the fixture and used remotely.

Complete with a 0-10V Light Dimmer Unit so you can adjust the brightest according to current plant development stage selecting from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% settings with no loss of efficiency. The Zeus 600W Pro can be fully controlled using the Lumatek Digital Panel, which will then control the lighting system provide you with all features such as sunrise/sunset, automated dimming and temperature safety control.

The Zeus 600W Pro LED Grow Light is a good solid investment - with a five year warranty, plus the price is right! See more full specification here.

Attis 200W - is the perfect single-source full spectrum LED Grow Light perfect for covering a 0.8 x 0.8 footprint. With no moving parts and drawing only 200W of power the Attis 200W produces 460 µmol/s PPF at 2.3 µmol/J efficacy!

Complete with Dimmer, Lumatek give you total control of light intensity - provided to your plants via the high quality LUMLED Diodes. With a three year warranty the Attis LED Light range are well designed, robust and competitively priced find out more here.

The uniform spread of light means the lights can be a short distance from crops - providing good penetration of canopy with no hot heat or hot spots created. The more powerful Attis 300W will produce 690 µmol/s PPF at 2.3 µmol/J efficacy - ideal for 1.0 x 1.0m area - see the full specification here.


So it's another great LED Grow Light addition to our range at Hydrohobby. All Lumatek LED Grow Lights  - all are available on Pre-Order TODAY for January 2020 Delivery!