Hydrohobby - Nutrient Boosters...

Nutrient boosters will provide your plant everything required for the vegetative period and flowering phases for plants grown in soil or hydroponics. All nutrients boosters include 16 main elements that are essential for plant growth and development these include potassium, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, chlorine, nickel, iron and molybdenum.

It is vital that your chosen nutrient is mixed carefully following manufacturer instructions and guidelines - checking both pH and EC - to ensure your plants are not over or underfeed - whilst naturally keeping a keen eye on all other vital elements within the grow room such as temperature and humidity.

You will soon be dialed into your plant's feeding requirements and able to obtain success using any of our professional nutrient boosters brands including Canna, Emerald Harvest, Green House Powder Feeds and Mills Nutrients.

Plant Additives

Identifying any deficiencies quickly in their earliest stages requires you to be extremely vigilant. Addressing issues is simple when using the right plant additives at the right time. For example, Calmag can be used through both vegetative and flowering stages for treating and preventing calcium or magnesium deficiencies whilst encouraging plant PK uptake.

Using Silicon additives will thicken plant cell walls and encourage a healthy root system development which will enable plants to absorb more nutrients and water when required - leading to heavy harvests! Easily applied to your plant as a root feed or a foliar spray using a silicon additive from the get-go brings great benefits to your plants.

Flowering boosters can be added to your feeding regime in the later weeks of flowering phase - to provide plants with the required levels of potassium (K) alongside phosphorus (P) - these are the key foundation ingredients required by all flowering plants to enhance flavor, aroma and yield. 

Here at Hydrohobby, we sell over thirty brands of plant additives perfect for all stages of growth from Aptus to Urb Natural - our extensive range of additional plant additives are suitable for soil, hydroponics and organic growing styles.