Hydrohobby - Nutrients from the across the Atlantic

We love new products at Hydrohobby hydroponics - as you well know so today am going to check out 3 nutrient lines that are from the USA & beyond. There's nothing better than seeing these products in action easily done by simple visiting YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

You will soon see not only how amazing these nutrients work - but will also be able to gain tips on using the products from fellow growers. Here's some information below on our latest Nutrients from across the Atlantic that are causing a storm...

Botanicare Nutrients

Botanicare Nutrients take great pride in it's products - batch testing nutrients at in-house and independent laboratories to ensure you get the best product formula's consistently. This is not achieved overnight by any means...Botanicare have over 20 years experience under their belts and continue to create professional product lines from their base in Chandler, Arizona.

With two 3 part base feeds on offer Botanicare's Kind & Pure Blend Pro Nutrients - will get ready for your plants to reach new levels production. Matching your base feed choice with Botanicare's Additives which consists of the famous Rhizo Blast the powerful root simulator - which will encourage plants to develop an abundance of roots from the get go. Hydroplex - is a bloom maximiser dedicated to improving your fruits appearance, aroma and essential oils. Last be by no means least is Clearex a flushing additive -which will remove excess salt build up in hydroponics systems and container- grown plants in a 3 - 7 day window.

Botanicare Sweet supplements are must for the flavour chasers out there - available in Citrus, Raw, Berry & Grape flavours - Sweet Supplements are designed to target your plant's esters - that enhance aromas and flavors in your crops. In addition to this Sweet will provide vital essential elements and provide plants a problem free smooth transition between growing phases.

Remo Nutrients

There really is no need to ask us - do Remo Nutrients work as the evidence is out there! Urban Remo is a grower with decades of hands on experience under his belt gaining him 34 awards worldwide, helping thousands of people to learn necessary skills to grow top shelf products. Created using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients Remo's - 8 products to take your plants to their full potential, providing the essential minerals, vitamins and extracts.

Remo Nutrients Micro, Grow & Bloom - is an essential base feed program that will induce heavy growth and flowering periods whilst ensuring your plant develops shorter internode spaces, bigger branches in prep for a larger harvest! Remo additives to support the base feeds include the foliage spray Remo VeloKelp which has great benefits to your plants from seedlings and can be applied when lights are on/off. Remo AstroFlower and Nature's Candy will ensure your plants produce more flower sites, aroma and oil production during the flowering period through to harvest time.

There' plenty of online support at Remo's website too, including Remo's nutrient feeding calculator and a dedicated "Growing with Remo" FAQ section.

Veg + Bloom Nutrients

Offering you efficient and precise measuring the Veg + Bloom Powder Feed Range are second to none. From California - Hydroponic Research have developed a simple powder feed formula that will take your plants to their full potential. Veg and Bloom is mixed at low ratios of 0.5 - 1.5 teaspoons per 1 litre and is therefore extremely cost effective.

Providing both hard water and soft water based Nutrient Powder Formula's - Veg + Bloom allow you to dial in into your plants requirements from the get go. Veg + Bloom have created Shine Powder Feed which is a PK booster with a difference, enhancing your flowering period whilst providing the perfect balance of an array of bio-stimulants, phosphorous compounds plus a nectar secretion agent - that will make your flowers explode! Compatible with hydroponics, coco & soil, this is a very easy and clean nutrient line to work - making soluble nutrients a thing of the past.

Veg + Bloom Dirty Base Powder Feed is designed specifically created to meet the needs of soil plants pH ready for peat moss and soil media complete with built in cation and alkalinity exchange enhancers. 

The choice is yours....

With years and years of selling first class nutrient brands from across the globe Hydrohobby Hydroponics - know good products - it's 10/10 for all the nutrients we currently stock - as mentioned the 3 above brands aren't internet shy (so do some research). If your thinking of changing your plant nutrient program then these brands - will not disappoint YOU or your PLANTS!