Hydrohobby - Shogun Zenzym

Shogun has released their latest additive - Zenzym. The multi-enzyme is a must have if you grow in soil, coco or hydroponics – benefiting each growing style in a different manner.

When growing in coco or soil – using Shogun Zenzym from the start of vegetative it will enable you to re-use your growing media up to four times! This is because the special enzymatic formula is constantly breaking down dead root matter and bacteria – making your media ready for re-use. Providing your plant roots with a deep clean whilst constantly promoting root growth and can be feed to your plants via a watering can.

Now when growing in hydroponics systems Zenzym will assist in preventing blockages in equipment such as pumps and drippers – due to the reduction in bio film formations. Mixed at a low dilution of 2 ml per litre –with your regular nutrients – Zenzym will also ensure that your plants receive maximum nutrient uptake – and will work with pH of 3 – 6.5. This is a great addition to Shogun Additives that can be utilized by all growers regardless of experience - you will see results!

Available today starting at £8.95 – Shogun Zenzym is a must have for hydroponic, soil and coco growers – and will work along your regular nutrients – click here to find out the full benefits.