Urban Remo Nutrients Arrive at Hydrohobby Hydroponics!

Remo Nutrients are now available at Hydrohobby - we only stock the best of the best when it comes to Nutrients! So what makes Urban Remo's Nutrient's different..... just jump on to YouTube you can see for yourself - that Remo knows what he's talking about - better still you can SEE he does :) Remo keeps things simply for growers and offers everything you require to gain the larger harvest. 

Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrient & Additives

The amazing results achieved when using Remo Nutrients is due to them been created with only pharmaceutical ingredients - so your plants are getting the best nutrient formulas available which includes marine extracts, minerals and the finest chelates. Urban Remo also made sure that his nutrient line is affordable starting at £10.95 for each 1L Micro, Grow & Bloom Nutrient - means you can test Remo's Nutrients Line without breaking the bank - this is an ultimate base feed compatible with all growing styles and tailored to meet your plants specific requirements.

All Remo's Additives are created to the highest standard also to ensure that your end product will stand out from the crowd. Starting your cuttings or younger plants on VeloKelp can be administered as a foliage spray or as an additive and used throughout vegetative & flowering periods is essential. Working in union is Magnifical - an addition not to be missed when growing Remo's way....again used in veg and flowering periods Magnifical ensures all essential macro minerals can be easily absorbed by your plants.

When your in full flower it's time to start feeding your plants Remo Natures Candy which will ensure both micro flora levels and nutrient uptake are maximised using 12 different l-amino acids contained in the special blend. For the enhancement of potency, bud development, aromatics and production of essential oils - look no further than AstroFlower a PK Booster - used only in weeks 1 - 7 is vital addition in the Remo Range.

Why use Remo Nutrients?

Check out the full Remo Range in our Nutrients Boosters section - we have many brands and they all have one thing common..they all work :)

As I always say research for yourself online, check reviews and see for yourself Remo Nutrients in action & see why they are a good investment!