Hydrohobby Christmas Wish List

These gifts will bring you great benefits to your garden and make growing your favourite crops even easier in 2018!

Top 10 Hydro Christmas Gifts


EC Truncheon

We can't stress how beneficial these are, the ability to feed your plants correctly is paramount especially when growing hydroponics! A benefit to any grower using any grow technique or medium find out more here in our blog post.

* Customers who purchases an EC Truncheon never look back - take away the guess work and stop waiting for your plant to show you signs distress and feed them correctly from the off set.


Essentials pH Meter

As important as EC knowing and adjusting your water pH is vital for successful growing in any medium. Our Essentials pH Meter ticks all the boxes and will provide you with an accurate pH reading.


Bluelab Combo Meter

Bluelab Combo Meters - tick all boxes. providing conductivity, pH and temperature meter readings all in one unit, to use you simply placed the probes into the solution and the selected reading is displayed on screen.


Expando 2 Pack

New for 2017 - the Expando is a must have for any grower using a grow tent. The cleverly designed Expando - stops the walls of your grow tent from been sucked in, which in turn provides you with more growing space - increasing your yields and much more.


Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 20w Oscillating

Great for any grow environment - these fans are very popular and selling fast! This is due to there affordability are quiet in operation and use only 20w as they provide decent air movement in your grow area.


Fan Controllers

The perfect environment in your grow area will always reward you at the end! Maintaining a consistent temperatures right from the start of growth - make all the difference when it comes to harvest and your end yield. With the added benefit of saving you power when using a temperature probe as fans will only start the fans when your set temperatures are reached.


Grow Lights 

What ever your preference is right now when it comes to grow lighting - eventually you may consider upgrading to a new lighting. This may be based on the fact you need to grow more think 400v Lighting Systems - or - want to leave less of a carbon foot print consider LED Grow Lights


Carbon Filters 

Never run a risk when it comes to smells...we have Mountain Air Carbon Filters that will last you up to 3 years. All our Carbon Filters are first class and won't let you down.


Extraction Fan 

Environment is key - and when it comes to removing that hot air - our Extraction Fan range will keep any room cool. From the latest Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans - to the original RVK Sileo Extractor.


Grow System

Check out our Grow System reviews - and start growing in 2018 - obtaining great results with minimum effort.

With technology ever on the move there are many vital tools that will take away the guess work of indoor gardening making it simply to obtain great yields each harvest plus your going to put a BIG smile on a growers face - Christmas Day! 

Visit our Hydrohobby - YouTube Channel and see these great products in action or pop into our Coventry Store - we are open up to Christmas Eve!