Keep your plants warm in winter

If you grow in a tent or a grow room - now is the time.. if you already haven't done so to think about keeping those plants cosy over the colder months. Often overlooked by many is the temperature in your grow tent or grow room - when your grow lights are off.... it is vital that the temperature does not drop below 18C.

Plants sense temperatures even during the night period and there are many advantages to monitoring this. If ignored low lights out temperatures will - cause you serious problems - as your plants will think it is time to actually time to finish growing (as they think it winter). It takes just a couple of nights below 18C for this to start happening  - and will take around 2 -3 weeks for your plant to recover.....that said it will make a large detrimental effect on the size of the final yeild!

Hydro Hobby Grow Room Heaters

A cost effective and simple solution....

The easiest way to maintain optimum lights out temperatures in your grow area is by using an green house electric heater or oil filled radiator.

We sell both Electric and Oil Filled Radiators and Heaters - starting from £26.99 - they are solid and reliable keeping your grow room at the optimum temperature when your grow lights are off.

For a small investment you will reap the below benefits:

  • Promotes stronger fruiting/flowering
  • Kick starts plants more quickly when switched to 12/12
  • Plants develop stress free with less problems
  • Eliminate the risk of stalling/stunting plants
  • Enables all year indoor gardening

Another must have product!

To many purchasing a grow room heater or radiator for your grow room area is common sense - but with many growers (especially newbies) only tend to focus on their grow light on temperatures. Equally important - but - if you wish to produce healthy fruits and vegetable through all 4 seasons - then a heater maybe be a necessity depending on your grow room enviroment.

So we would say to all readers if you haven't double checked your lights out - temperature to do so and if your growing in hydroponics - check your nutrient tanks too - and if necessary invest in a New Pro Water Heater or the Hydor Theo Water Heaters!