LED Bar Grow Lights for under £500!

Yes that's correct for under £500...the new Lumii Black 720 Watt LED Bar Grow light will help you switch to LED in a flash! Completely plug n play this light is the game changer when it comes to running energy efficient hydroponics lights.

Using the Lumii BLACK Ballast to power the 6 x 100 watt LED Bar Lights your plants will receive a photon efficacy 2.62µmol/J of uniformed full spectrum light. This spectrum is suitable for all stages of plant development, plus the fixture is also fully dimmable to: 250W, 400W, 600W, 600W Boost. Low profile in design and super lightweight the unit can mounted at short distances from the plant canopy to provide stimulating and vigorous growth.

With the cost of everything going up including electricity there is no better time to purchase - the Lumii Black 720 watt LED Grow Light will allow you grow more of your favourite fruits - so why run 1000watt HPS Lamps when you could be consuming 720 watts + get more fruits - for your bucks!

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