LED Grow Lights flying off the shelves!

If one thing’s for certain it’s that our hydroponics LED Grow Lights are flying off the shelves – and we are replenishing stock constantly. So many customers new and old are investing in the latest LED technology from top manufacturers such as Lumatek, Gavita and Maxibright.

These particular models are very popular due to them covering spaces up to 1.5 x 1.5 m2 - equipped with first class LED Chips and Drivers these lights are not to be underestimated! Our latest LED Grow Lights are full spectrum, dimmable and low profile fixture making them perfect for all stages of plant development. Starting at £769.95 these are serious lights and a solid investment for any growers - newbie or veteran. Why not find more from previous posts when we looked at the Gavita and Lumatek LED Grow Lights in more technical detail.

Saving you money by not only reducing your power consumption by up to 75% - but also replacement(s) of hps lamps (which can be up to £100 each) will now be a thing of the past. The individual lighting bars provide maximum light into the growing area and all are silent in operation and passively cooled. 

Visit the LED section of website here, we have over twenty five models of professional LED Grow Lights - suitable for various spaces and stages of plant development. If you require more information on our led grow lights - just give us a call staff are ready to assist you in selecting the best LED Grow Light for your growing space.