Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator at Hydro Hobby

We are really pleased to look at the newest plant boosters - Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator from Growcentia.....unlike others on the market this is the first organic derived inoculant that maximizes micronutrient and phosphorus cycling. For the grower this means up to 16% more yield a 6% increase in plant stem structure and enhance plant health!

Who are Growcentia?

Based in Colorado Growcentia is a team of three PhD soil microbiologists - who share a passion for promoting healthy and sustainable agricultural and Mammoth P is first product to be engineered and produced by Growcentia.

The challenge for Growcentia is that when nutrients are added to hydroponics or soil system - less than 50% of the nutrients are utilized - which in turn is a waste of money and as well as negative impacts on the environment.

Mammoth P is the solution to nutrient waste

Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator - is the solution as it stops nutrient waste, using natural supplements that unlock nutrients that are chemically bound in hydroponic or soil systems – turning them into soluble form that plants can easily uptake through their roots.

With a consortia of live microbes that are 30 times better at releasing plant nutrients than the average microbial community, alongside beneficial bacteria will constantly produce enzymes which will mobilize nutrients in the growth medium - using Mammoth P is a must have product!

Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator

Next Generation Technologies

Tried and tested using next generation technologies and independent laboratories - to prove that 16% yield increase is obtained. The product is fully compatibility working along side any fertilizer program and with any growing media: Hydroponics, Soil and Organic Soil.

Using from seed/clone stages - will ensure that your plant can receive all the benefits of Mammoth P Active Microbials Nutrient Liberator from the get go - and you can sit back and wait for that 16% yield increase!

If you want 16% extra Yield then this product is for you. With small mixing dosages between 0.16 - 1.06ml per Litre of water - the outlay for this product will be soon replenished come harvest time....