Mills Nutrients - Hydrohobby

We are proud to add the Mills Nutrients to our hydroponics  nutrients selection. Mills products are designed and manufactured in Holland - these products have been tried and tested for over a decade; by large green houses and hobbyist growers receiving positive feedback. This has lead to the development versatile Mills Bio-Nutrient Range is a special combination of both organic and synthetic materials that will give your plants every thing they need for abundant vigorous growth. Extremely easy with easy to follow clear feeding charts available in multiple languages there's nothing Mills haven't covered...

Mills Bio Nutrients includes five quality products that are sure to provide all the nutritional elements needed to provide you with a healthy problem free harvest :

  • Basis A and Basis B Nutrients - are available in both hard water and soft water - Mills have ensured this is a simple and versatile blend compatible with all growing methods soil, coco, and hydroponics. The special blended formula is state of the art providing all macro and micro nutrients that your plants requires for all stages of growth.

  • Mills Start R - provides your plants a predominantly organic bio-stimulant that is for use with seedlings, plants in veg and in early flower. With Humic, Fulvic, L-amino Acids plus root enhancing Bio-Stimulant derived from auxin- and cytokinin-rich Irish kelp using Start-R will promote a healthy root system which will lead to larger yields!

  • Mills C4an advanced bloom simulator that will assist in your plants delivering carbohydrates, micro-nutrients, macros and trace minerals. When uses along side Basis A & B it will alter the NPK to containing a high phrosphorus and potassium - which will initiate and promote the development of fruits and flowers.

  • Mills Ultimate PK - is a unique phosphite based bloom stimulant - designed to be used in the last weeks of lower development. Promoting a healthy root systems and ensuring nutrient uptake Ultimate PK make your plant more bulky, harden fruits whilst pushing your plants production limit to the maximum.

  • Mills pH Flower - addresses plants needs at different stages, keeping your pH levels constant between 5.8 - 6.2 which will lead to rapid growth - in a more stable environment.

  • Mills Vitalizemaking your plants stronger and more resilient to pest attacks and other stresses Vitalize will stimulate the beneficial microorganisms within the medium working to to promote overall health.

Hydrohobby Mills Nutrients are available in 1, 5, 10 and 20L bottle sizes - receiving nothing but good reviews 'Mills pays the Bills'.....Next we will check out the unique Mills Growing Medium Range....