Hydrohobby - Telos 0010 Pro LED Grow Light

The latest Telos 0010 Pro LED Grow Light from British bio-system engineering company GNUK LTD, has been calibrated to provide optimal light whilst reducing hotspots - which occur when using other lighting fixtures. Research and development at GNUK has ensured that the light produced can penetrate through dense canopies using an improved spectrum for greater visibility - providing 100% light for up to 85,000 hours continuous use.

GN UK LED lights are built to work in any growing environments, passively cooled and with no moving parts - they are totally reliable. Providing an amazing 2.5 μmol/j via the premium Osram LED's using a blend of white and photo-red the Telos 10 Pro is the most effecient model yet consuming only 285 watts of power - it a solid investment for any serious grower.

Telos 0010 Pro Light Distribution

Already own the Telos 0010?

If you own a Telos 0010 - you have not been left out - GNUK always think out of the box! You are able to upgrade your existing modules using the Telos 10 Pro Upgrade Kit. Containing 10 x of the latest generation Hyper Red and Duris 5050 modules from Osram - your Telos 0010 will be as efficient as the 0010 Pro - consuming only 285 watts of power.


Telos LED Lights are UK made, modular in design and cost effective. If your thinking LED then Telos needs to be on your list for serious consideration....living up to the company ethos to design and manufacture the most efficient, robust and reliable grow lights available on the market.