Plant Magic Plus Bugicide hits Hydro Hobby

We are all about good products at Hydro Hobby Hydroponics, and we know that products from Plant Magic Plus not only perform - but are also be affordable! Bugicide is no different.....

Bugicide - pesticide is a first class ready to use product - that will control pest infestation - and can be used up to every 2 - 3 days if ness to control heavy infestations of Spider mite, Whiteflies, Aphids, Psyllids, Scale, Mealybugs and Mildrew.

Bugs do not become resilient to Bugicide enabling growers to use it time and time again - with great effect - as the solution uses a physical mode of action to control pests.

Fast Working and Affordable

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottle sizes - when a infestation strikes from only £7.95 - Bugicide will address and eliminate pest - quickly before vital damage is done to your crops.

A simple shake up of the bottle and your ready  to use Bugicide - by spraying both sides of plant leaf surfaces until you see run off and also apply the spray directly to simply is that?

Plant Magic Plus Bugicide Spray

We believe prevention is better than cure so - if you love your garden and flowers - we think this is worth having Bugicide in your nutrients cupboard - as on the first site of a pest - Bugicide will eradicate them safely...before they become a BIG problem in your garden.