Plant Magic Plus Nutrient Range

Just in at Hydro Hobby is our latest line of nutrients from Plant Magic Plus, who have provided us with pioneering plant nutrients and additives for decades. The Plus range provides nutrients for all growing styles including a dedicated 2 part DWC (Deep Water Culture) Feed - bringing fantastic results fast.  Lets look at the new range - with something for every grow method...

Plant Magic Plus Oldtimers

'Oldtimers' - are the perfect solution for the organic grower who wants to grow naturally using only beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to ensure a healthy crop in an organic environment. Oldtimer organic products includes Oldtimer Grow and Bloom, Magnesium, Granules and a PK 4-8 Organic Booster.  Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer products give you ability to grow organically from seed to harvest!

Plant Magic Plus Nutrient Range

Plant Magic Plus Nutrient DWC

Formulated for the DWC grower the A and B Nutrients are vital for fast rigorous growth, used in both veg and flower stages - you will see the benefit of a the 2 part base feed using an additional PK boost additive flower. Another good thing is that the solutions are highly concentrated  - which means value for money plus it will stay pH stable no matter the bubble intensity inside the bucket!

Plant Magic Plus Nutrient COCO

When it comes to coco you require a nutrient that will provide a full compliment of trace elements that will work in harmony with the coco coir medium whilst - stopping any lockouts or deficiency. Plant Magic COCO Grow and COCO Bloom Feeds are created with the best quality Humate required to increase nutrient uptake, stimulate the root growth and microbial activity. An easy to use A and B COCO Feed available for both hard and soft water types.

Plant Magic Plus Nutrient SOIL

For the soil growers looking for great results from Plant Magic Plus, consider the Soil Grow and Bloom Nutrient Range. Available for hard and soft water types so you can adjust the ph more easily - the correct amounts of Magnesium and Calcium are mixed at the correct proportions with humates, trace elements - to give you better yielding and sweeter tasting crop.

Plant Magic Plus Nutrient HYDRO

With all products using the same high quality components - hydroponic uk growers can rest assured that all Plant Magic Hydro Nutrient Grow and Bloom feeds are fit for purpose. Available for both water types this is perfect for any soil-less medium or hydroponic grow system - delivering fast and healthy growth from seed to harvest - with no lock outs along the way!

Plant Magic Plus Additives

So that's not all Plant Magic also have an extensive range of Additives including Plant Magic Plus PK enhancing flowering and a Plant Magic Plus Oldtimers Magnesium supplement ready to cure and prevent Magnesium deficiency that every garden will face at some point.

All Plant Magic Plus Nutrients and Additives are available in store at Hydro Hobby!