SANlight S4W series LED Lights

From West Austria, Vorarlberg - SANLight are creators of efficient and sophisticated LED grow lighting. Sanlight are a company with in depth knowledge of semiconductor and photonics technology - which has enabled them to produce and manufacture uncompromising lighting solutions.

Using Osram special selections diodes - that increase productivity whilst remaining cost effective drawing only 140w of power with the individual light sources reaching an efficiency level of up to 2,9µmol/J. With a first class passive heating system both the SanLight S4W Led Grow Light SANLight S2W LED Grow Light - are silent in operation and generate little to no heat in the grow area.

HPS equivalent ?

These LED are designed to replace hps and metal halide lighting systems - and are able to produce large yields using a fraction of the power using. The clever secondary lens ensures no photon is wasted using its clever rectangular illumination system and optics which illuminate specific target area your plants and not onto side walls.

Your plants are getting the full light spectrum - when grown under the S4W LED Lighting making them an excellent choice for all plant growth stages - and can be comfortable mounted up to 15cm from above plant canopy.

SANlight LED Lights

Built with high quality components you will receive 90% Light-Output after 80.000 hours of operation! The secondary lens can be removed making it very simple to clean as well as an extra cover for the high quality LEDs.

If you want to see the how 3 x S4W LEDs (420watts total power consumption) compares against optimized 600w HPS Lighting System here : 

You will see that SANLights are tested within the in-house cultivation laboratory, with access to all the necessary tools for development and research in the fields of lighting and electrotechnology. Cultivating a variety of plants and imitating personal grow setup enviroments is a small part of the research under taken that lead to the developement and success of SanLight LEDs.

SANLight LED Benefits 

With years of research and development the SANLight LED range will bring great benefits to your garden including:

Increase in yield and quality

More usable cultivation area

Saving on power consumption

Plants consume less water

Less heat generated and silent operation

Sanlight S4W LED Lights

SANLight S4W Technical Overview:

385μmol / s PPF

Broadband, continuous light spectrum

Power consumption 140W

Beam angle 90 °

Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the target surface

Module efficiency 2.9μmol / J

3 year warranty

90% light output after 80,000h operation

Setup in seconds.....

The Sanlight S4W LED Light range arrived last week and we are impressed. These lights take seconds to mount using Eazi Rollers and they really do give off a full spectrum - in the right direction...Inside the SanLight SW4 box - you will find 1 x 140w LED Module IP40 rated, 2 x Mounting Brackets and 1 convertor - simple plug an play - these are really easy and quick to assemble.

Sanlight S4W LED Lights 

The S4W LED measures 98 x 7.8 x 5.2 cm making them a perfect for the Lighthouse Max 1m Grow Tent. For smaller projects - SANLight S2W LED Grow Light  is smaller version and just as powerful ideal for propagation at 45cm in length - giving your cuttings and smaller plants the best kick start possible.

We think these are a solid investment - with many benefits not found when consuming so little power - pop in store to see them setup and swithed on!