600w Sunmaster 10k Finishing Lamp

If you are for ever striving for more oil production and sweeter tasting fruits then 600w Sunmaster 10K Finishing Lamps ticks all boxes! The more we put into our garden is the more we will reap from it - the new specifically designed 10k finishing lamp allows growers to further emulate mother nature by giving plants a strong violet-blue spectrum for the final stage of the plants flowering period.

Switching to the 10K Finishing bulb around the last 14 - 10 days of the flowering period - you will increase oil production, flavour, taste and overall quality of the end product.

Sunmaster are part of a diverse group of Advanced Lighting Technologies companies dedicated to advancing optimized light management systems and are one of the most respected indoor horticultural lamp companies in the world. Their lamps are developed by Venture Lighting International providing only optimized lighting solutions for a variety for plant growth applications. Manufactured using ISO 9001 processes and the new finishing bulb brings you great results every harvest. 

Its all about design....

Take a look below at the construction of the Sunmaster Grow Lamp and you will soon see that design is everything.

The high intensity discharge (HID) Lamps produce light by the electric arc between the tungsten electrodes which are housed inside the fused quartz (number 5). Research and devlopement have proven that no other light source can rival Sunmaster in its ability to deliver high quality spectral output to meeting all the needs of plants.

600w Sunmaster 10K Finishing Lamp

  • 1. Boroilicate Outer Envelope – protects arc tube, filters harmful UV
  • 2. Mechanical Support – supports and positions Arc Tube
  • 3. Barium Peroxide ‘Getter’ – removes impurities to provide long lamp life and proper performance
  • 4. Alumina Oxide Coating – a thermal insulator to keep the ends of the arc tube warm, keeping halides in the arc stream
  • 5. Quartz Arc Tube – houses unique Sunmaster chemical compound, electrodes and filled to a precise pressure
  • 6. Mica Heat Shield – thermally insulates the base end of the lamp
  • 7. Base – provides electrical interface with socket to ballast
  • 8. Ceramic Insulator – Isolates the electrical contacts.
  • 9. Halide Pool (appears to be a lamp defect) – Unique blend of metal salts that modify lamp spectrum and aid in lamp life

Producing high amounts of photons per amount of watts (energy input) these lamps are the primary artificial light source for successful healthy plant growth.

600w Sunmaster 10k Finishing Lamp Spectral Output:

Sunmaster 600w 10k Finishing Lamp Benefits and Features :

  • Strong violet-blue component for the final stage in the plant growth cycle
  • Improves aroma and flavours
  • Long life
  • Exclusive Venture Lighting lamp chemistry
  • Strong output, weighted in the blue/violet/UV end of the spectrum
  • E-ballast compatible
  • Full one year warranty

So for the investment of £39.99 you can improve your flowers aromas, flavors - whilst encouraging ripening and oil production - a must have for any grower who is always looking to improve! And this bulb is going to last you years when you consider it is only used in the last 10 - 14 days of the plant flowering cycle....