The dos and don’ts of humidifiers

An important topic to cover as our hydroponics humidifier sales begin to sore - as the weather gets hotter – are the dos and don’ts of using humidifiers. Humidifier units are vital additions to any indoor grow room environment aiding you to create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive in, therefore care is required to keep your humidifiers unit running. 


  • Use tap water – this will cause a build of calcium on components inside units. When tap water is dispersed from your unit it will leave a white film residue on plants and other equipment 
  • Make sure the grow room floor is not wet or damp – as this will cause a damp to build up on internal circuitry of the humidifiers unit – causing them to stop operating
  • Neglect to clean the humidifiers; do not let tap water sit in your humidifiers - for long periods


  • Use Reverse Osmosis / RO Water in your humidifiers, for the reasons stated above reference to tap water
  • Raise your humidifiers off the ground to minimise the unit sucking in damp or moisture into the circuitry

Following the above will ensure your humidifier stays in tiptop condition and in operation, remember to check out our Reverse Osmosis Units here – which start as low as £119.95.

And in case you didn’t know - your plants will LOVE RO Water too! Mixing your nutrients with RO means your solution is free of tap water contaminants - so your giving your plant the best nutrient feed possible. Our humidity control section of our website contains over ten models of professional humidifier units that are suitable for areas up to 300m2.